Lee Gaul, Male, Selfie, New York City, Exterior, 2020

The Real Lee Gaul™️©️®️

The story of how I got the name Lee Gaul is a little strange. My mother had a difficult delivery and, as a last-ditch plea(?), her and my father made a promise. If I survived the birth, they would name me after the doctor. The fact that I'm alive is a testament to the work of Dr. Chung No Lee. It is conceivable that my folks might have named me Chung No, or even "No."

If you search for my name, you're likely to find only one other person of note—the American painter Arrah Lee Gaul who died in 1980 at the age of 92.

I think another Lee Gaul wrote a Battlestar Galactica fanfic at some point, but that guy snoozed and lost because I own the name across the entire world wide web now.